Demo and Benchmark Documentation Engines
Demo and Benchmark Documentation Engines
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This is the PAL (Physics Abstraction Layer) online physics simulation engine Benchmark graph viewer.

To generate a graph, select the physics engine test that you wish to plot, and optionally select which engines to omit from the graph. This can be used to create a custom comparison of the physics engine is supported by PAL.

The computational efficiency data is dependent on the target machine (PentiumD 3.00GHz, 2 GB RAM), the compiler used (MSVC8), the operating system (Windows XP SP2), and a number of other factors. To get current data you should compile the PAL library and benchmark set for your own system.

NOTE depending on your browser and selected graph it may take some time to render the graph. IE7 may not render the graphs, please try a different browser such as Opera, or use IE6.

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