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Benchmark Results Publications
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MoDBench contains a persistent set of benchmarks specifically designed to evaluate multibody dynamics engines quantitatively. It provides data on the speed, accuracy, and robustness of multibody dynamics engines.

MoDBench has been designed such that adding new benchmarks or support for new engines requires minimal work. It levereges the open COLLADA digital asset exchange XML format to represent benchmark scenarios. The open source Physics engine Abstraction Layer (PAL) API is used for interpreting the COLLADA files and executing the physics engine independent code.

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Download Benchmark

The results from the MoDBench can be viewed online in the physics engine benchmark results section.

You can also download the COLLADA physics engine benchmark files.

You can access the source code via SVN access to the MoDBench sourceforge project.

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MoDBench is maintained by Evan Drumwright and Adrian Boeing